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Electromagnetic Brakes

Based on functionality, we distinguish three product lines: direct brake, safety brake or brake and clutch combination.
Direct electromagnetic brakes cover applications that require full braking of an inertia or holding braking. Electromagnetic safety brakes are used when it is necessary to guarantee braking safety of the system in the event of a power failure. In these cases, a blocking action is triggered and braking is complete. They are commonly used for braking electric motors. The brake/clutch assembly mode is a combination in which the transmission stops once it is engaged.

Vista de un freno electromagnético directo EBLF sin carga

Direct Electromagnetic Brake

Direct Electromagnetic Brake EC/F Voltage: 24 V dc – 0% + 15% Application: in oil bath (for dry applications only...

Vista de un freno electromagnético de seguridad EMF/N

Electromagnetic Safety Brake

Electromagnetic brakes are used when it is necessary to stop machinery quickly and dry, so they are brakes that offer...

Vista de un freno de histéresis y particulas

Hysteresis Brake Magnetic Particles

The Magnetic Particle Hysteresis Brake offers precise and stable torque. The relationship between torque and supply current is directly proportional,...

Vista de un par conjunto freno embrague blanco

Brake/Clutch Assembly

The Brake/Clutch Assembly is used when quick and precise connection and disconnection is required and also when the working frequency...


Toothed Electromagnetic Brake

Vista del despiece del freno electromagnético. Se observa el ventilador de aluminio co-moldeado , el resorte y el disco de hierro fundido,

Electromagnetic safety brakes

Electromagnetic safety brake in d.c., spring loaded, with reduced dimensions and moderate braking torque, whose braking action is exercised in...


Electroiman Closes Fireproof Doors

The Electroiman Cierra Puertas Ignifugas for retaining fire doors is an electromagnetic device for keeping doors open in accordance with...


Stephenson Gobin Electromagnet Retention Brake

Stephenson Gobin Electromagnet Retention Brake – Axial forces ranging from 90 – 3500N Custom voltages, forces and fixings on request...



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