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Electromagnetic safety brakes

Electromagnetic safety brake in d.c., spring loaded, with reduced dimensions and moderate braking torque, whose braking action is exercised in the absence of current.

The brake is characterized by a disc-braking fan consisting of an aluminium fan co-molded on a cast-irondisc,providingaflywheeleffectandmaking the brake suitable for progressive acceleration and braking.

TMS-X version is equipped with permanent magnets inserted into the brake casing, which magnetic attraction force adds to the electromagnet force, making the brake extremely high performing in terms of lower power consumption and low noise.

Technical information

Product Data sheet
Vista del despiece del freno electromagnético. Se observa el ventilador de aluminio co-moldeado , el resorte y el disco de hierro fundido, Electromagnetic Safety Brakes for Motors TMS Download
Vista virtual de un freno electromagnetico TMK sin acoplar a motor Electromagnetic Safety Brakes for Motors TMK Download

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