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We can study if it is better to repair.

Repair of reducer gears for industry and marine. Fault management.
Managing reducer gear breakdowns is a critical task. In most cases it requires an immediate resolution to be able to resume production as soon as possible.

If repair of the gear is possible, its convenience must be analyzed next, compared to the alternative of replacement. To do this, it will be necessary to check the condition of the transmission system as a whole and each of its components.

View of a gear reducer split in two

View of a gear tooth breaking in full operation

In the repair of high-power reducers, with large torque gears, it is usual that the reducer is not replaced due to the high replacement cost.

Timely detection of reducer gear failure
Timely detection is a key factor to avoid further deterioration of the failed component. It also prevents the other components from being affected by chip debris or forced by the misalignment caused in the overall transmission system.


Three sample views of fractured gears, torn, broken or crushed teeth.

Vibrations and external wear points are symptoms of internal breakdowns and imbalances in the reducer.

External analysis using video-endoscope
In maintenance and inspection, the video-endoscope saves time and costs of dismantling the machines.

For a thorough verification of the incident, the video-endoscope allows inspection of the interior of machines and installations, saving time and costs of disassembling the machine.

Another great advantage lies in its possibility of connecting to a laptop or a computer that can retain the image whenever desired.

The importance of correct maintenance
To guarantee correct operation and a long useful life, maintenance of the reducer must be planned. We will avoid surprise stoppages, extending the life of the component before its irreversible breakage. We can find JIV reducers, reducers, Tandler, planetary reducers…

Permanent monitoring of vibrations and possible wear points of the machine must be carried out. These external symptoms will reveal a more than probable imbalance, deterioration or breakage of the internal gears.

Convenience of gear repair or replacement
The dilemma of the convenience of repair versus the alternative of replacement must be resolved. It will be necessary to compare the cost of one solution or another, including transportation.

The costs derived from the interruption in production will be taken into account since the time spent on repair will not be the same as the replacement time.


Four samples of gear fatigue (PITTING)


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