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Industrial Brakes

There are many types of industrial brakes: pneumatic brakes, electric brakes, hydraulic brakes… each type of brake will respond to different needs. At Fu Ibérica we offer a wide range of brakes – pneumatic, hydraulic, electric, parachute, electro-hydraulic, safety brakes, electromagnetic brake, manual disc brakes, for variable pitch axial fans and for crushers with different characteristics. Brake discs, brake pads and accessories. All applicable in the industry.

We trust in the strongest brands on the market that offer the best solutions to respond to individual problems: brakes and clutches, pneumatic clutches… we have the best in power transmission.

Visit our website to see brakes and the entire range of industrial brakes in our catalog for our customers. You will also find, in addition to clutches and electromagnetic brakes, machine tools, couplings, pneumatic motors, limiters of torque, industrial coupling… and a large number of energy transmitters.

Vista de un freno neumático directo y otro de tambor, ambos FU-Eaton-Airflex

Pneumatic brakes

FU Ibérica distributes direct and safety disc brakes from the English brand Twiflex, and multi-disc and drum brakes, as well ...

Vista de un freno hidráulico directo y uno de seguridad

Hydraulic brakes

FU Ibérica distributes direct and safety hydraulic disc brakes of the English brand Twiflex and US manufactured Eaton-Airflex multi-disc brakes.

Vista de un freno eléctrico de disco MXEA

Electric brakes

FU Ibérica distributes electric discs of the English brand Twiflex and ATEX brakes for cranes -anti-explosive-.

Vista de un freno electromagnético laminar

Electromagnetic Brakes

Based on functionality, we distinguish three product lines: direct brake, safety brake or brake and clutch combination. Direct electromagnetic brakes ...

Vista de un freno manual suelto.

FU-Twiflex Manual Disc Brakes

Vista de varios discos y varias pastillas de freno.

Brake Discs and Pads

Vista de un doble pulmón de un freno sin pinza montada


Vista de dos Frenos Electrohidráulico Stromag verdes. Uno de Disco y otro de Tambor

FU-Stromag Electrohydraulic Brakes

Drum brakes with an electrohydraulic thrustor and service disc.

Vista de un freno de paracaidas para elevación

Parachute Brakes

FU Ibérica distributes guidance and parachute brakes for elevation manufactured by the American brand Hilliard and by the Italian Turbostart ...

Vista frontal de freno para ventilador axial sin carga

Brakes for Variable Pitch Axial Fans

Freno para trituradoras

Brakes for Mulchers

Vista de Conjunto Freno Embrague para Prensas FSPA

FU-EATON-AIRFLEX Combination Clutch/Brake for Presses



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