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Anti-explosive Electric Crane Brakes -according to ATEX standard-

TheExplosion-proof Electric Crane Brakes offer maximum safety without loss of performance or reliability. Electric brake for lifting, dragging and positioning elements under dangerous conditions or environments, due to the presence of flammable or explosive elements.

Innovative spring-loaded modular fire-retardant disc brake. Based on a new mounting concept, applying an independent flange braking unit to a standard combustion engine or transmission unit.

The flange inlet and outlet follow IEC or NEMA standards. They come certified as independent components so that the coupling system does not have to be certified.

  • Quick assembly
  • Simple and short delivery time
  • High performance and robust structure
  • Withstands severe working conditions
  • It does not require periodic maintenance to adjust its calibration.
  • Braking torque from 5 to 3500 Nm
  • The interior electromagnets can be three-phase alternating current or direct current for IEC or direct current for NEMA.
  • The cost of a standard explosion-proof motor plus this brake is much lower than a brake motor with the same characteristics and the delivery time and reliability are much better.

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