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Plates Coupling

The plate couplings are completely free from backlash, torsionally rigid, flectionally elastic and maintenance-free.

The lamellar packs can transmit the torque in both sense of direction without any angular backlash. The lamellar couplings are built with steel and stainless steel lamellar packs complete with rectified bushings. The lamellar packs are blocked by precision screws and special self-locking nuts.

Technical information

Product Data sheet
Vista de varios acoplamientos de láminas Plates Coupling FV-Kupplung Download

Part-based reference

Gear coupling: ATEX, Explosion-proof, FV-F, FVK-k, FV-WSV, FV-A, FV-B, FV-C, FV-D, FV-A-BRAKE DISC, FV-F2. FV-F-LL, FV-F-T, FV-F-DI, FV-G, FV-PL, FV-K382, FV-K383, FV-K391, FV-WSV-K, FV-WSV-H, FV-WSV-I, FV-WSV-M, FV-WSV-B1, FV-WSV-B2, DBSE,

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