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FU-Turbostart fluid coupling

The incorporation of  a FU-Turbostart fluid coupling in a starting system eliminates the rigidity of the mechanical transmission of electric and electronic starting systems with direct in-line starting. Its flexibility provides a smooth and progressive start. In continuous operation, it protects against overloads and prevents torsional vibrations.
Supports smaller motors, frequent starts, reversing, and counter-current braking.


Reduces peak current during start-up, reaching speed with the lowest peak current.
Protects the motor from sudden overload, with virtually no load starting.
The driven machine’s gradual start, which starts or restarts at a low load.
The motor is sized for the requested power in continuous operation, avoiding oversizing (smaller motor).
It allows very frequent starts under load, sudden reversals, and counter-current braking.
In multi-motor installations, the fluid coupling automatically distributes the load demands, allowing each motor to reach its operating speed.

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