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Recovery and reuse of contaminated solvent


Industrial distiller for the recovery and reuse of contaminated solvent, used in washing and degreasing operations.

To recycle the solvent, the principle of simple distillation is used, which separates the contaminating product (resins, polymers, pigments, paints, inks, oils, etc.) from the original solvent. The boiling of the solvent takes place in a kettle with a thermal oil gap, reheated by one or more electrical resistances.

The resulting vapors are led to a condenser cooled by air or water circulation. Once the recycled solvent is condensed (suitable for reuse), it is collected directly in a container.

In the case of liquid contaminants, residues from the distillation process are discharged by turning the apparatus over. For solid contaminants, “Rec-Bag” bags are used, which avoid operator manipulation.

The characteristics of the treated solvent are not altered by this process, which can be repeated indefinitely.

Conventional contaminated solvent industrial distiller

Solvent distiller that allows the recovery and reuse of contaminated liquid waste by simple distillation. Ideal for washing and degreasing operations, it separates the contaminating product (resins, polymers, pigments, paints, inks, oils, etc.) from the original solvent. Capacities of 7-12-25-60-120 and 180 liters.

Industrial distiller for flammable and non-flammable solvents

Distiller recycles flammable and non-flammable solvents with boiling temperatures between 50 and 180 °C. If equipped with a vacuum generator (optional) it can reach up to 220°C.

High load industrial distiller

Industrial distillation/drying systems, with tilting or fixed kettle, at atmospheric pressure and vacuum. Suitable for the recovery of solvents contaminated by solid waste, when you want to obtain a solvent-free process waste. The standard range includes devices with a loading capacity of 150, 250, 400, 650, 1000 liters per cycle.

Industrial vacuum azeotropic distiller

For the treatment of residual chlorinated solvents from automatic degreasing machines (e.g. waste from metal washing machines) in which the distillation residue contains oils, greases, metals, etc. with solvent present at 20-25%. When distilling under vacuum, the concentration of chlorinated solvent in the residue is reduced to levels close to 5-8%.

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