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JIV Reducers

We will distinguish four types of JIV Reducers: Coaxial, vertical and horizontal, Tandem, with several gear trains, Worm Screw and Hollow Shaft Pendulum JIV Reducers, installed directly on the axis of the machine to be driven.

JIV Reducers are manufactured with materials that have the best mechanical qualities. They respond to the analysis, design and manufacturing of FU Ibérica’s expert technicians, who carry out detailed supervision of all manufacturing phases, from the machining of the parts to the final assembly and running test.

In addition to supplying any spare parts, we also carry out repair of JIV reducers.

If you need any other type of reducer, on this same WEB site you can see the entire range of FU Reducers available.

Vista lateral de un Reductor JIV Tandem

JIV Tandem Gear Reducers

The JIV Tandem Reducers are of precise and very robust construction, being appropriately sized for jobs that require great safety...

Vista de la sección de un reductor JIV coaxial

JIV Coaxial Gear Reducers

JIV Coaxial Shaft Reducers cover a wide variety of torques and can serve different working positions. They have been designed...



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