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Pneumatic Motors

Depending on the application, pneumatic motors can be a good alternative to electric or hydraulic motors.

Due to their size and weight, are usually more powerful than other types of motors and can work in any position, preventing fluid leakage.

They can withstand overloads without overheating and even blockages. They allow full control of speed and torque. They can instantly start, stop or reverse direction, regardless of the load, avoiding lost time in acceleration and deceleration.

They are very simple, light, and compact. They are commonly used in repetitive work, severe applications, and those where hygiene is essential.

In pneumatic motors, air circulation cools the motor, which means they can withstand extreme temperatures. They work in damp, dirty, and corrosive environments without damage.

In terms of safety, they do not create magnetic interference and avoid the use of hazardous materials, making them ideal for applications in deflagrating and/or explosive environments.

Maintenance is minimal, almost reduced to ensure that the compressed air is clean and well lubricated to prevent motor wear, avoid downtime, and extend its life cycle.

Find out more about our FU-Unicum air gear motors and FU-Modec vane air motors.

Vista de cuatro Motores Neumáticos de Paletas: en linea, angulares, de apriete y con función roscadora.

Vane Air Motor



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