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Mechanical Torque Limiters

Suitable and well-sized mechanical torque limiters protect the machine against overloads.
A torque limiter (safety coupling) and clutch is a mechanical component that is introduced into the kinematic chain as overload protection.
They reliably and completely improve the safety level of the machine, reducing the possibility of breakage and subsequent downtime.

Advantages of mechanical torque imitators over electronic ones

  • Better response time and greater precision
  • Easy and flexible setup: pre-set and adjust
  • They can be used at high speeds, with significant inertia and masses.
  • Competitive prices without sacrificing quality
  • Optimal protection against adverse environmental conditions.
  • Simple assembly for online and parallel transmission.
  • Special designs to adapt to specific applications.
  • Italian manufacturing with quality certification.


FU-DSR Rollers Torque Limiters

FU-DSR Rollers Torque Limiters are safety couplings with the transmission of motion through rollers that allow complete disengagement when the...


FU-AP Pneumatic Torque Limiter

FU-AP Pneumatic Torque Limiter is a friction clutch or roller with torque adjustment even during operation. Ability to disengage the...


Zero-Max Torque Limiters

Once installed, torque ratings of Zero-Max Torque Limiters cannot be changed unless springs of a desired new rating are substituted....


FU-DSA Axial Force Limiter

FU-DSA Axial Force Limiter is a safety coupling with linear limitation of force. Releasing both in compressive and tension once...

Vista de un Acoplamiento frente a un recipiente amarillo para encapsular. Indica sentido del giro.

Magnetic Bottle Capping Clutches

Magnetic Capping Clutches for bottles and containers ensure very smooth disengagement with overstress protection for any application in bottling plants....


Friction torque limiters


Modular torque limiter

Vista del limitador neumático de dientes GD/PG

Torque-limiting couplings

The following three options are manufactured: - Multiple disc (or multi-disc): more suitable for applications in oil bath or dry ...


Wind Turbine Torque Limiters

Zero-Max’s Torque-Limiters protect wind turbines against peak loads, reverse torques, and grid shorts. This functionality prevents the transmission of excess...



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