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Hydraulic Multi-Disc Clutch

Compact clutches, which allow transmitting high torques and dissipating great powers.
Used in industrial and agricultural machinery and in shipbuilding industry.

Vista de un embrague hidráulico multidisco sin carga.

IS Hydraulic Multi-Disc Clutches

A wide number of applications through the manufacturing industry. Their simple design includes a central hub, a disk pack, two ...


FU-Stromag Hydraulic Multi-Disc Dry Running Diaphragm Clutches KHM

FU-Stromag Hydraulic Multi-Disc Dry Running Diaphragm Clutches KHM Like the standard KHM clutch the “Smart Clutch” KHM is a robust...


FU-Stromag Hydraulic and Pneumatic Clutches

Embragues Multidisco Hidraulicos y Neumaticos FU-Stromag: hydraulically and pneumatically operated clutches and brakes. Custom made. Wet and dry running clutches...


Hydraulic Multi-Disc Clutch KMS

Hydraulic Multi-Disc Clutch KMS … THC FU-Stromag offer high torque with low dimensions and hydraulically operated. alto par con dimensiones...



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