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Electromagnetic Clutches

Vista de cuatro embragues. Uno laminar, dos monodisco y uno de doble flujo.

Direct Electromagnetic Clutches

Direct clutch, electromagnetically applied and spring released. The control engages the clutch and transmits the rotary motion.

Vista de Embrague Electromagnético Stephenson Gobin de Montaje en Polea

Electromagnetic Spring-applied Clutches

Electromagnetic Spring-applied Clutches the closure of the disc pack is produced by the trust springs activated when there is an...

Vista de Embrague Electromagnético Dentado Ec-Z

Electromagnetic Tooth-type Couplings

Vista de Embrague Electromagnético de 52-PHT-2 Series

Electromagnetic Clutches Hysteresis and Particles

Electromagnetic Hysteresis and Particle Clutches offer precise and stable torque. The relationship between torque and supply current is directly proportional,...

Vista de un conjunto embrague / freno sin montar

Clutch-Brake Unit

Los Embragues Electromagnéticos Conjunto Embrague Freno se emplean cuando se requiere una conexión y desconexión rápida y precisa y, también,...



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