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Centrifugal Clutches

Vista de un Embrague Centrifugo Hidraulico FU-Turbostart

FU-Turbostart Hydraulic Centrifugal Clutches

Hydraulic Centrifugal Clutches with powers from 0.37 to 1,470 Kw and Hydromechanical Clutches from 1.5 to 2,200 Kw.

Dos embragues centrifugos de servicio extremo FU-Hilliard

Extreme-Duty Centrifugal Clutch

FU-Hilliard Extreme-Duty Centrifugal Clutch – Recently introduced centrifugal clutch. Available in two versions: sprocket and pulley. It has been designed...


FU-Twiflex-Airstart Centrifugal Clutch Coupling

FU-Twiflex-Airstart Centrifugal Clutch Coupling are a combination of a centrifugal clutch, a radial rotating union and a brake. They act as...

Vista de un embrague centrífugo tipo C Fu-Twiflex azul

FU-Twiflex type C Centrifugal Clutches

FU-Twiflex type C Centrifugal Clutches are used to provide smooth acceleration and free initial load. Suitable for starting in internal...



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