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Hydraulic brakes range that comprises both active brake calipers, which are hydraulic pressure-applied, and failsafe brake calipers, which are spring-applied and hydraulically released. The hydraulic brakes are available in a variety of versions, for example with offshore finish for corrosive environments.

FU-Svendborg-Brakes hidraulic brakes characteristics

  • Few Moving Parts
  • Quick reaction time
  • Large brake pad area
  • Tested down to -40 ºC
  • Removable brake pad holders
  • All in-house design, reliable, robust & simple design
  • Extensive product testing
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FU-Svendborg-Brakes hidraulic brakes applications

  • Wind
  • Mining
  • Vertical
  • Hydro
  • Oil & Gas
  • Tidal
  • Marine
  • Cranes
  • Othes


Vista frontal con freno directos sin carga con la mordaza abierta. Se ven los pistones. De color naranja.

Frenos Svendborg Brake hidráulicos directos, es decir, que necesitan la aplicación de presión de aceite para poder frenar. Los frenos...

Vista del freno Svendborg Brake BSFI 200 frontal sin carga.

Hydraulic Safety Brakes FU-Svendborg-Brakes

Svendborg Brake hydraulic safety brakes, i.e. spring-loaded and hydraulically released. Most models available in single spring and double spring (Dualspring...



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