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ZERO MAX Adjustable Speed Drives

ZERO MAX Adjustable Speed Drives


  • Can be used as a clutch
  • Power from 0.12 to 1.10 kW
  • Variation range from 0 to 1/4 of the input speed
  • Speed regulation while running or stopped
  • Monoblock variator-reducer groups
  • Silent and vibration-free running

Vista distintos tipos de Variador de Velocidad Zero-Max

Zero-Max drives can be attached in any position:

Variador de velocidad en varia en varias disposiciones angulares


Technical information

Product Data sheet
variadores-de-velocidad-mecanicos-zero-max ZERO MAX Adjustable Speed Drives Download

Part-based reference

ZERO MAX Adjustable Speed Drives; E1, E1SC, E1MD-LH, E1MD-RH, E2, E2SC, E2MD-LH, E2MD-RH, E3, E3SC, E3MD-LH, E3MD-RH, E41, E41SC, E41MD-LH, E41MD-RH, E42, E42SC, E42MD-LH, E42MD-RH, JK1, JK1SC, JK1MD-LH, JK1MD-RH, JK2, JK2SC, JK2MD-LH, JK2MD-RH, JK3, JK3SC, JK3MD-LH, JK3MD-RH, JK41, JK41SC, JK41MD-LH, JK41MD-RH, JK42, JK42SC, JK42MD-LH, JK42MD-RH, Y1, Y1SC, Y1MD-LH, Y1MD-RH, Y2, Y2SC, Y2MD-LH, Y2MD-RH, Y3, Y3SC, Y3MD-LH, Y3MD-RH, Y41, Y41SC, Y41MD-LH, Y41MD-RH, Y42, Y42SC, Y42MD-LH, Y42MD-RH, QX1, QX1SC, QX2, QX2SC, QX41, QX41SC, QX42, QX42SC,

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