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JIV Tandem Gear Reducers

The JIV Tandem Reducers are of precise and very robust construction, being appropriately sized for jobs that require great safety and long life.

They are manufactured in standardized sizes for different working positions, whether for fixation by legs, flange, vertical, pendular, etc.

Supports torques of up to 1,000,000 Nm.

Tandem speed reducers can be equipped with additional mechanisms and accessories, such as:

  • Extension flashlight accessories, for large axial and radial loads.
  • Hollow shaft output shaft with keyway and shrink ring.
  • Irreversibility or anti-return mechanism: for cases of loads in an inclined or vertical position and in machines in which it is necessary to avoid reversals in their direction of rotation, once the driving element has been disconnected.
  • Welded and tensioned sheet metal crankcase, duo and trio boxes, etc. and special studies.

The powers and performances calculated for each type of reducer are valid for uniform work, with continuous service 24/24 hours and 50,000 hours of life, allowing instantaneous starts and overloads of 100% over the nominal.

Vista de dos reductores JIV Tandem, uno de ejes paralelos y otro perpendiculares. Incluye sección transversal de los mismos.


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The body of the reducer is made of the highest quality semi-perlitic cast iron, with strong ribs that give great rigidity to the casing. The crankcase shape is closed, sealed, with seals on the input and output shafts and a very visible oil level.

The axles are made of special steel, duly treated (cemented and tempered), with bearing seats and ground projections.

The material used in the pinions and sprockets is hardened and tempered steel, resulting in great surface hardness and resistance. precision helical teeth, with appropriate inclination to compensate for axial forces; machine carved and originally rolled.

Continuing with the pinions and gear wheels, we must distinguish between:

  • Parallel reducers, in which the cylindrical gears have helical teeth with inclinations tending to eliminate axial forces, which are toothed in high-precision generation hobbing machines and, once the corresponding heat treatment has been carried out, the flanks are ground.
  • Perpendicular reducers, which include a Gleason milled helical bevel gear set in which the tooth finish, once case-hardened and tempered, has a lapping process. The finishing of the teeth is also flank grinding.

The gear sets are lubricated in an oil bath by splashing and, in certain cases, by pump.

The shafts are made of steel, quenched and tempered. The input shafts, carved into the same as the primary sprocket, are manufactured from the same material described above for the sprockets.

The bearings have been standardized and calculated for a minimum life of 50,000 hours, paying special attention to both internal and external loads.

To protect these JIV reducers and their motors against accidental overloads, other mechanisms and accessories can be inserted. At FU Ibérica we are specialists in the manufacture and distribution of these and other power transmission products. Request information from our Technical Office:

  • Elastic couplings, for joining the input and output shafts.
  • Extensions or lantern on the output shaft to withstand large radial forces.
  • Joining supplements between motor and reducer to incorporate automatic, hydraulic, disc clutches, etc. To achieve smooth and progressive starts.
  • Union coupling type torque limiters.
  • Torque limiters, coupled to the output shaft for chain drives.
  • Monobloc coupled variator motor.

To determine the appropriate speed reducer, please indicate the output speeds, absorbed powers and radial and axial forces.

In addition to being able to supply any spare part, we are specialists in repairing JIV Reducers. If you send it to us, we can carry out a detailed supervision of the mechanical transmission elements to detect damaged parts. When you contact us we will ask you for the reducer number and the characteristics that are engraved on the casing.

For any other questions (modality, sizes, powers, positions, etc.), you can visit the JIV Reducers section on our WEBSITE or, if you prefer, contact us.

Outside of the JIV, if you need any other type of reducer, on this same WEB site you can find out about the entire range of FU speed reducers available, as well as any other mechanical transmission element, in the Industrial Power Transmission Products section.

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