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JIV Coaxial Gear Reducers

JIV Coaxial Shaft Reducers cover a wide variety of torques and can serve different working positions.

They have been designed and calculated taking into account wear and tear powers, as well as bending.

Its axles, wheels and pinions are made of special cemented and treated steel.

They are manufactured in various sizes and, depending on the working position, are supplied with legs or with a flange.

These speed reducers can be equipped with an extension lantern, to withstand strong axial and radial loads, as well as with an irreversibility mechanism.

Its wide range of torques ranges from 5 to 1000 daNm.

Various JIV reducers. Horizontal, vertical axis and a section with an interior view.

JIV gearmotors are manufactured with materials that have the best mechanical qualities.

  • The axles are made of special steel, duly treated (cemented and tempered), with bearing seats and ground projections.
  • The sprockets and pinions are also made of high-quality special steel (case-hardened and tempered). The teeth are precision helical, with appropriate inclination to compensate for axial forces; machine carved and shaved originally.
  • The gear sets are lubricated in an oil bath by splashing and, in certain cases, by pump.
  • The reducer body is made of top quality cast iron, with strong ribs that give it great rigidity. Closed crankcase shape; seals on the input and output shafts; Very visible oil level.

To protect these JIV reducers and their motors against accidental overloads, other mechanisms and accessories can be inserted. At FU Ibérica we are specialists in the manufacture and distribution of these and other power transmission products. Request information from our Technical Office:

  • Elastic couplings, for joining the input and output shafts
  • Extensions or lantern on the output shaft to withstand large radial forces
  • Depending on the series, anti-return mechanism for installations in which loads are moved in an inclined or vertical position and in machines in which it is necessary to prevent their direction of rotation from being reversed once the driving element has been disconnected.
  • Centering on the coupling flange.
  • Joining supplements between motor and reducer to incorporate automatic, hydraulic, disc clutches, etc. To achieve smooth and progressive starts.
  • Union coupling type torque limiters.
  • Torque limiters, coupled to the output shaft for chain drives.
  • Motorcycle variator coupled monobloc to the reducer

In order to determine the appropriate reducer within our wide and varied catalogue, please indicate the output speeds, absorbed powers and radial and axial forces.

In addition to supplying any spare part, we also carry out repair of JIV Reducers. If you want to carry out a repair, when you contact us we will ask you for the reducer number and the characteristics that are engraved on the casing. If you send it to us, we can carry out a detailed supervision of your mechanical transmission elements to detect damaged gears and parts.

For any other questions regarding JIV Speed Reducers (modality, sizes, powers, positions, etc.), you can visit the JIV Reducers section on our WEBSITE or if you prefer, contact us.

Apart from the JIV Reducers, if you need any other type of reducer, on this same WEB site you can find out about the entire range of FU Reducers available, as well as any other mechanical transmission element, in the Industrial Power Transmission Products section.

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