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Pneumatic Tooth-type Torque Limiters

Pneumatic Tooth-type Torque Limiters are particularly suitable for those transmissions which require maximum power during start-up. This power requirement can be met by varying the pressure; maximum at the start and, once the required speed is obtained, it can be decreased, until reaching the needed operating torque. They are built with carefully selected materials and the components subject to slippage (toothing) are treated to withstand brief slippage without damage. The motion is transmitted only with supply pressure, which by advancing the piston engages the toothing. A set of helical springs which counter the supply pressure are used to completely release the entrainment toothing during a reduction or complete loss of pressure, and thus transmission components are made independent. Therefore, if necessary, these types of limiters may also be used as tooth-type couplings.


To ensure that the limiter operates correctly and to enhance transmission safety, the supply pressure must always be constant; therefore, an accumulation tank should be used to compensate for any pressure changes. The control valve must be mounted as close as possible to the supply hole located on the cylinder and it must also be equipped with a blow-off device so that if dangerous loads occur, the microswitch will trip and immediately discharge the pressure, thus completely releasing the transmission components, and protecting the unit.

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Pneumatic Tooth-type Torque Limiters GS/SC-BF: GS005/SC-BF, GS001/SC-BF, GS002/SC-BF, GS003/SC-BF, GS004/SC-BF, GS006/SC-BF, GS008/SC-BF, GS010/SC

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