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Electric Linear Actuator

Technical information

Product Data sheet
Actuador-Lineal-Electrico Electric Linear Actuator Download

Part-based reference

Electric Linear Actuator: CCHD-3605, CCHD-1187, CCHD-3552, CCHD-1058, CCHD-1188, CCHD-1189, CCHD-4114, CCHD-1190, CCHD-4273, CCHD-1059, CCHD-1191, CCHD-1192, CCHD-8532, CCHD-8533, CCHD-8534, CCHD-8535, CCHD-8536, CCHD-8537, CCHD-8538, CCHD-8539, CCHD-8540, CCHD-8542, CCHD-8543, CCHD-1213, CCHD-1214, CCHD-1215, CCHD-1216, CCHD-1217, CCHD-1218, CCHD-1219, CCHD-1220, CCHD-1221, CCHD-1222, CCHD-1223, CCHD-1224, CCHD-0254, CCHD-1241, CCHD-1242, CCHD-1243, CCHD-0258, CCHD-1244, CCHD-0260, CCHD-1065, CCHD-1245, CCHD-1246, CCHD-5368, CCHD-5391, CCHD-5367, CCHD-5382, CCHD-5392, CCHD-5393, CCHD-5375, CCHD-5394, CCHD-5376, CCHD-5384, CCHD-5395, CCHD-5396,

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