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SFC Servoflex Coupling

Acoplamiento Servoflex SFC

  • Made of high-strength aluminum alloy
  • With quick closing system that provides an easy and exact installation
  • Compatible with taper shafts through the use of an adapter
  • It also complies with the EU Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive, “RoHS Directive” that prohibits six hazardous substances such as mercury, lead, and others.

Technical information

Product Data sheet
acoplamientos-servoflex-sfc SFC Servoflex Coupling Download

Part-based reference

Servoflex Coupling, SFC, SFC-005SA2, SFC-010SA2, SFC-020SA2, SFC-030SA2, SFC-035SA2, SFC-040SA2, SFC-050SA2, SFC-060SA2, SFC-080SA2, SFC-090SA2, SFC-100SA2, SFC-005DA2, SFC-010DA2, SFC-020DA2, SFC-030DA2, SFC-035DA2, SFC-040DA2, SFC-050DA2, SFC-060DA2, SFC-080DA2, SFC-090DA2, SFC-100DA2, SFC005SA2, SFC010SA2, SFC020SA2, SFC030SA2, SFC035SA2, SFC040SA2, SFC050SA2, SFC060SA2, SFC080SA2, SFC090SA2, SFC100SA2, SFC005DA2, SFC010DA2, SFC020DA2, SFC030DA2, SFC035DA2, SFC040DA2, SFC050DA2, SFC060DA2, SFC080DA2, SFC090DA2, SFC100DA2, SFC, SA, DA, coupling 060SA2, couplings 50DA,

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