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ServoClass Couplings

ServoClass couplings – the coupling for today’s toughest applications. The CD coupling is a unique hybrid product that combines the best features of steel and elastomeric disc couplings.

esquema acoplamiento Servoclass
All fasteners are corrosion resistant
Clamp Hup
Corrosion resistant screws
304 Stailness stell disc packs and collars
Made of aluminum alloy





There are over forty models and standard sizes of Servoclass Couplings for most applications. For applications outside these patterns, it is possible to design and produce Servoclass Couplings at affordable costs, according to your needs.



Its high torsional rigidity makes it very precise for applications in positioning control, even repetitive, due to the fact that they have zero backlash and low hysteresis. They also have low inertia and support high speeds.

ServoClass couplers in a solid-state component test machine.
Ball screw servo motor application use Zero-Max class servo coupling. Servo motor ball screw X-Y use uses Zero-Max class servo couplings
Actuators use ServoClass couplings with high torsional stiffness and low inertia for precision motion control.


For high performance …

High torsional stiffness for precision …

Eco-Friendly, Adapted to RoHS Directive with …

Low inertria for high…

Zero backlash and low …

Clean Room Application …

Zero Vibration: CD coupling design provides zero vibration ; this is important in applications controlled by servomotor and others where the control of the position in the forward and reverse modes is essential for the accuracy of the entire system. Large misalignment: Unlike disc couplings steel (which do not allow parallel misalignment), the Zero-Max CD Open Arm Single Flexible Coupling allows up to 0.013″ (0.33mm) of parallel misalignment, using a single disc pack, with up to 1.5° of angular misalignment. In many cases, this capability eliminates the need to specify larger double flexible couplings, saving installation time, space and money.

Torsional strength: CD couplings provide high torsional strength, which is important for applications controlled by servo motor, printing presses, printing machines packing, drive shafts and other equipment that require Registration of machine components. They help prevent resonance in high-speed machines.

Maintenance-free: Install it and forget about it. They do not require regular cleaning, gasket replacement, relubrication or greasing protection.

Unitary Design: Coupling disc packs are discs held together with precision bearings to facilitate assembly.

Longer life: The flexible composite material of the disc and open arm design provide excellent fatigue properties, does not corrode under most work conditions and reduces disc movement, virtually eliminating wear due to friction between discs (a potential problem of steel disc couplings).

Resistant environmental point of view: The flexible composite material of the disc is inert to corrosion caused by water. Discs lose less than 10% of stiffness when exposed to sulphuric acid baths at a concentration of 30%. The disc withstands extreme temperatures, from -70° to +250°F (-57° to +121°C). The cores, intermediate components and spacers are produced with precision machinery made of high graduation steel of  and are covered to protect them from corrosion.

Vibration and blow control: Withstands changing loads because it mitigates blows and vibrations, which results in less wear and breakage of the components of the machine.

Removable design: The cores are designed to easily remove the bolt and the disc pack without affecting cores or connected equipment.

Easy installation: coupling surfaces are precision machined and can be used in the installation as reference points for alignment and subsequent control of the lineup. 


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