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Loewe Gk Couplings

Loewe GK Couplings: The axially fixed Loewe® GK is designed to offer generous angular and radial misalignment compensation together with high axial stiffness. Loewe® GK is designed to resist axial motion and for precise transmission of pure linear motion for use in cylinder systems.

The Loewe® GK series for applications that on the one hand, must transmit torque and on the other, must transmit push-pull loads. By design, the Loewe® GK Torque series accommodates generous angular and parallel misalignments, also under axial force.

  • Axial Fixation: This design ensures resistance to axial movement. Therefore, the lock can be used as a solid bearing.
  • High axial rigidity: High-strength aluminum ensures precision transmission of push and pull loads from linear movements
  • Compact design: Radial and angular misalignment are compensated in a very small space without any deformation
  • High-performance bearings: We use high-performance plain bearings that are also suitable for high temperatures
  • Optimized application: Fixing hubs are standard. Threaded hubs for linear systems are available
  • Anodized Hubs: Aluminum clamping hubs are anodized to provide superior clamping force and excellent corrosion protection

Loewe GK SERIE TORQUE Coupling

This series guarantees resistance to axial movement.
Torque (TKN) up to 220 Nm
Bore diameter up to 45 mm

Technical data Coupling Loewe GK SERIE TORQUE [+] Technical data Coupling Loewe GK Serie Torque

Loewe GK SERIE LINEAR Coupling
For applications that only transmit axial force.
Axial loads up to 13,000 N
Thread diameter up to size M27

Technical data Coupling Loewe GK SERIE LINEAR [+] Technical data Coupling Loewe GK Serie Linear

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Loewe Coupling: GK, 27, 35, 56, 75, 100, Coupling

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