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FU Elastic Rubber Roller Couplings

FU Elastic Rubber Roller Couplings are designed for a perfect coupling between shafts.

They ensure a precise alignment of the axes of the joining machines. They tolerate angular, parallel, torsional deviation or any of their combinations. Replacement of the elastic element without the need to disassemble the coupling or the transmission shafts.

  • Built of top quality steel
  • Special synthetic rubber rollers
  • Replacement of rollers without dismantling the coupling
  • Great torsional elasticity: They reach torsions of 10 to 15 degrees (both rotation directions)
  • They tolerate an angular deviation of up to 2 degrees
  • They admit a deviation between centers of 0.5 to 1mm, depending on the type
  • Quick and easy decoupling (without dismantling half chainrings)



esquemas de funcionamiento de acoplamientos ANGULAR



Tabla con los datos técnicos del acoplamiento de rodillos: tipo, potencia, dimensiones, etc.

Technical information

Product Data sheet
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