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Servostar Fu-Tandler Bellow Coupling

Los Acoplamientos de Fuelle Servostar FU-Tandler son pares de transmisión alto, libre de juego y de desmontaje sencillo. No requieren mantenimiento. Disponible con chaveta.

Servostar FU-Tandler Bellows Couplings are high performance drive torque, backlash free and easy to disassemble. Maintenance free. Available with key.

Technical information

Product Data sheet
acoplamientos-de-fuelle-servostar Servostar Fu-Tandler Bellow Coupling Download

Part-based reference

Bellow Coupling, ServoStar, SSK 00, SSK 01, SSK A1, SSK B1, SSK00, SSK01, SSKA1, SSKB1, SSK, DDKA, SSKV, 00,01, A1, B1,

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