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FU-Airflex Axial Rotary Joints and Quick Discharge Valves

FU-Airflex Axial Rotary Joints and Quick Release Valves – The Airflex rotor shaft is a rotary union or rotary joint that allows the transfer of gases or liquids, under pressure/vacuum, inward/outward. the exit from the end of a shaft or rotating body.

It was originally designed to drive compressed air or hydraulic fluid to control brakes and clutches.

Other applications are the conveyance of cutting fluid for machine tools, the lubrication of clutch components and the circulation of water or oil in cooling systems.

The rotary joint is set by a non-metallic axial ring, mounted against the joint axis by a small axial force. The sealing ring is designed so that medium pressure acts on both ends to minimize the force on the axial surface.

Technical information

Product Data sheet
Vista de una Junta Rotativa Axial Airflex FU-Airflex Axial Rotary Unions and Quick Release Valves Download

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