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Constrictor Clutch VC FU-Eaton-Airflex

VC FU-Eaton-Airflex Constrictor Clutch – Transmissible torque up to 1,567,000 Nm. VC elements are designed and built for severe clutching and braking applications on heavy-duty equipment.

They are unique for high load starts and continuous slipping where the heat generated tends to reduce the efficiency and operating life of conventional clutches.

Its high variety of transmissible pairs allows the use of elements with reduced diameter and lowers the contact speed.

Size Par Size Par
Narrow Series @ 5.2 bar


Wide Series @ 5.2 bar


11.5VC500 3050 14VC1000 9610
14VC500 4430 16VC1000 12900
16VC600 7350 20VC1000 18200
20VC600 10500 24VC1000 24700
24VC650 15300 28VC1000 33400
28VC650 20600 32VC1000 46900
33VC650 28800 38VC1200 76800
37VC650 36200 42VC1200 92500
42VC650 42900 46VC1200 107000
52VC1200 137000
51VC1600 182000
60VC1600 247000
66VC1600 316000

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