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FU-Turbostart Hydromechanical Centrifugal Clutch

The FU-Turbostart Hydromechanical Centrifugal Clutch has a power of 1.5 to 2,200 Kw.

Automatic distribution of load demands. It does not slip in permanent operation. It guarantees 100% efficiency, protects the transmission and the driven machine. Transmits full power regardless of load changes.


  • Guaranteed progressive start, with protection against overloads.
  • Energy savings thanks to a lower starting current provided by a smaller motor, which adjusts the power demand to the nominal speed.
  • Works at maximum speed without slipping or increasing temperature – it does not heat up.
  • As it is locked – primary and secondary rotate at the same speed – wear and fatigue of the mechanism is avoided.

Technical information

Product Data sheet
Vista frontal del embrague centrifugo hidromecanico FU Turbostart. Bitono dorado. FU-Turbostar Hydromechanical Centrifugal Clutch Download

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