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FU-Turbostart Hydraulic Centrifugal Clutch

The FU-Turbostart Hydraulic Centrifugal Clutch has a power of 0.37 to 1,470 Kw.

Turbostart hydraulic starter sandwiched in a transmission for high inertia starting controlled by an electric asynchronous motor with direct in-line start.


  • Eliminates the rigidity of mechanical transmissions and guarantees the flexibility of a hydraulic transmission, supporting all shocks, torsional vibrations and unexpected overloads and therefore protecting the engine and the driving machine.
  • Reduces the maximum current during starting, the electric motor quickly reaches working speed with the lowest peak current.
  • Allows smaller engine sizes to be installed according to the power demand of the driven machine.
  • It allows you to make very frequent starts under load, sudden reversals and allows counter-current braking.
  • Distributes the load in applications where two or more motors are installed; The hydrodynamic coupling allows each motor to reach its own operating speed, automatically distributing load demands.

Technical information

Product Data sheet
Vista de un embrague centrífugo hidráulico FU-Turbostar FU-Turbostar Hydraulic Centrifugal Clutch Download

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