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PBL/BF Pneumatic Multidisk Brakes

 PBL/BF Pneumatic Multidisk Brakes has fixed cylinders with working pistons. For usage in an oil bath or in the presence of an oil mist, the brake disks are all made of steel. For the dry application (PBL-BF y PBL / SC-BF), a combination of bronze and steel brake discs are used.

To make as easy as possible their application, two variants of these brakes are available, which differ from each other substantially from a point of view of construction and application, but both of them with the same technical characteristics. The first type (PBL-BF/SC) has to be keyed to a fixed shaft, to which is then freely mounted a cup housing: on one side, this cup housing is milled to anchoring the outer disks of the brake. The moving components to be braked are fixed on the other side. The second type (PBL-BF) has to be fixed to a wall and a milled hub has to be mounted on the rotating shaft; this hub will inserts into the fins of the inner disks. Both types have fixed cylinders with working pistons, the advantages of which are fully described in the introduction regarding static-cylinder clutches. For dry application (PBL-BF and PBL/SC-BF), a combination of bronze and steel brake disks is used. For the hydraulic model, the recommended type of oil is the same recommended for clutches.

Example of mounting:

Esquema sección del Freno PBL/BF

Approximated determination of static moment in relation to working pressure:

Curva Comportamiento ParvsPresion freno PBL/SC-BF;

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Part-based reference

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