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FU-Twiflex Safety Pneumatic Disc Brakes -Clamp

The actuation of the FU-Twiflex Safety Pneumatic Disc Brakes is permanent, generally by means of a spring.

“Safety” because they stop braking when pneumatic energy is supplied.

Braking forces available between 0.6 kN and 0.36 kN.

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Extended information

Brake accessories  
Brake disc with hub for high speed and heat dissipation Download
Flat brake disc with hub Download

Technical information

Product Fuerza Frenado Máxima -kN- Data sheet
MUS2 0,6 Download
Freno neumático de seguridad mus3 sin carga MUS3 0,76 Download
MUS4 2,6 Download
MSK 2,6 Icon play Download
MRK 6,4 Download
MXS 14,3 Download
GMXS 14,3 Download
GMRS 36 Download
GMRSD 36 Download

Part-based reference

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