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FU-Eaton-Airflex Expandable EB Pneumatic Drum Brake

FU-Eaton-Airflex Expandable EB Pneumatic Drum Brake – Transmissible torque up to 11,130 Nm. They are used for brake or clutch services with light starting loads.

The EB brake is similar in design to the CB type, except that they are expansion elements.


Technical information

Product Data sheet
Vista de un freno neumatico de tambor expansible serie EB F. FU-Eaton-Airflex Expandable EB Drum Icon play Download

Part-based reference

4EB125, 6EB200, 8EB250, 9EB325, 10EB300, 12EB350, 14EB400, 16EB475, 19EB475, 21.5EB475, 24EB475, 4ER125, 6ER200, 8ER250, 9ER325, 10ER300, 12ER350, 14ER400, 16ER475, 19ER475, 21.5ER475, 24ER475

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