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FU-Eaton-Airflex FHB Pneumatic Multi-Disc Brake

FU-Eaton-Airflex FHB Pneumatic Multi-Disc Brake is an air-cooled spring brake with exceptional friction life and fast friction changes.
Supplied with long wearing organic friction material and a solid cast rotating disc which provides less inertia than typical caliper brakes.

Removal of faulty brake

  • Remove the protection elements.
  • Remove the bolts
  • Air disconnection.
  • Remove other elements that obstruct the exit of the brake.
  • Apply rear force by means of a lever along the entire perimeter, uniformly, until the brake is released.
  • The gear is visible.
  • Remove the lock washer and gear retaining nut
  • To remove the gear, help yourself with the application of heat around it and apply force in the axial direction using a hydraulic jack.

Installation of the new brake

  • Clean all exposed surfaces.
  • Align brake with mounting holes, use hydraulic jack if necessary.
  • Insert main mounting bolts (check IOM manual for correct values).
  • Insert the eye bolt to prevent a possible fall when connecting the air.
  • Make sure the shaft is clean and free of burrs.
  • Apply torque using torque bolts (refer to IOM manual for proper values).
  • Replace the protection elements.
  • Connect the air again.

Installation is accomplished


Extended information

Installation manual -IOM- Download

Technical information

Product Data sheet
Vista frontal de imagen virtual del Freno Neumático Multidisco FU-Eaton-Airflex FHB FU-Eaton-Airflex FHB Pneumatic Multi-Disc Brake Download

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