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FU-Eaton-Airflex DBA Multi-Disc Pneumatic Brake

FU-Eaton-Airflex DBA Multidisc Pneumatic Brake – Transmissible torque up to 43,050 Nm. They are brakes applied by spring and released by pneumatic or hydraulic pressure. Its torque capabilities and heat dissipation characteristics make it ideal for high cyclic speed applications. They offer the same torque in any direction of rotation.

Removal of the faulty brake

  • Removal of the protection elements.
  • Removing the bolts.
  • Air disconnection.
  • Removal of other elements that obstruct the brake outlet.
  • Exert rear force using a lever along the entire perimeter, evenly, until the brake is released.
  • The gear is visible.
  • Removing the lock washer and gear retaining nut.
  • To remove the gear, use heat around it and apply force in the axial direction using a hydraulic jack.

Installation of the new brake

  • Clean all exposed surfaces.
  • Align the brake with the mounting holes, use a hydraulic jack if necessary.
  • Insert the main mounting bolts (see IOM manual for proper values).
  • Insert the eyebolt to avoid a possible fall when connecting the air.
  • Make sure the shaft is clean and free of burrs.
  • Apply torque using the torque bolts (refer to the IOM manual for proper values).
  • Replace the protection elements.
  • Connect the air again.

Installation completed.


Extended information

Installation Manual -IOM- Download

Technical information

Product Data sheet
Vista de un freno neumatico multidisco FU-Eaton-Airflex DBA sin carga F.N. FU-Eaton-Airflex DBA Multidisk Download

Part-based reference

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