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Stromag Electrohydraulic Disc Brake

The Stromag Electrohydraulic Disc Brake is a service brake.

Braking torque 60 -11,000 N.m Drum Ø150 to 750
Complete range of drum brakes equipped with a hydraulic electric motor. Its use is proposed for applications in which mechanical restrictions are not a primary factor.

Vista de freno electrohidráulico Stromag verde de disco pequeño

Drum diameters from 10″ to 30″ (254 to 762)
FED-US brakes are fail-safe drum brakes. Braking torque is obtained through spring action: braking torque adjustment is made by setting the length of the spring. These brakes are released by means of their electro-hydraulic drive supplied with alternating current. FED-US brakes comply with the AISE No. 11 standard. They are associated with drum diameters from 10 to 30 inches. Product features Automatic lining wear compensation R Opening of the test switch Manual release lever DM Locking lever to keep the brake open LM Padlock for the locking lever PL Lining wear indicators. Brake not equipped with the propeller.

Vista de Freno Electrohidraulico Stromag de Disco verde

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Vista de Freno Electrohidraulico Stromag de Disco verde Stromag Electrohydraulic Disc Brake Download

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