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FU-Tandler Single and Double Stage P-Type Planetary Reducer

A planetary reducer is a system made up of rotating gears that is installed in motors to reduce shaft speed and improve torque transmission capacity.

The series of planetary reducers type P 10 to P 50, single stage, and P 12 to P 52, two stage, are a new development from TANDLER, completely independent of the existing ServoFoxx planetary gearbox.

They are available in five sizes, with ratios from 3: 1 to 100: 1. The game is less than 5 minutes of arc.

The high precision manufacturing process ensures the high quality of the transmissions. All P-type reducers are grease lubricated for life. The external surfaces of the gearbox, including aluminum components, are corrosion resistant.

Technical information

Product Data sheet
reductor-planetario-tipo-p-de-simple-y-doble-etapa-fu-tandler P Type Planetary Reducer Download

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Planetary Reducers, Tandler, P10, P20, P30, P40, P50, P12, P22, P32, P42, P52, P 10, P 20, P 30, P 40, P 50, P 12, P 22, P 32, P42, P52

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