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The Expandable Shaft Adapters

The Expandable Shaft Adapters allow the use of the same expandable shaft in coils with inner cores of different diameters.

The expandable shaft will be used for winding and unwinding the coil with a smaller diameter inner mandrel. The other coils will be able to use the same expandable shaft with the addition of the adapter. The total effective diameter will be the sum of the diameter of the expandable shaft and the radial expansion of the adapter.


  • Pneumatic adaptors with strips
    •  Can be made to order from a 3” (76, 2 mm). diameter upwards.
    • The standard versions measure 3” (76, 2 mm) y 6″ (152,4 mm).
  • Pneumatic adaptors with rubber bands
    • Available in versions 3” (76, 2 mm) y 6″ (152,4 mm).

Technical information

Product Data sheet
Vista de dos adaptadores de ejes expansibles goma seccionado. Expandable Shaft Adapters Download

Part-based reference

The Expandable Shaft Adapters: core, dimensions, 70 , 76.2 , 100, 120, 150, longitudinal sleeve 3”, pneumatic adapter 4”, 5“, 6”,

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