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Drummotors Van der Graaf

Van der Graaf Drum Motors are fully sealed stainless steel drum motors, a highly efficient and safe in traction of conveyor belts. A box encapsulates the entire system of gears and bearings, isolating it from the outside environment – water, dust, dirt, grease and oils.

Discover more about drum motors:


  • Compact, robust and reliable
  • Good size gears and bearings
  • Wide range of powers and speeds
  • Low life cycle costs
  • Encapsulated and watertight box


  • Dipped in oil
  • Makes cleaning the drum motor easier
  • No breakdowns or maintenance
  • Easy and simple installation

Sección de 120 grados de un mototambor

A compact, clean, light, silent and safe system that offers many advantages.


  • Simplification to the maximum.
  • Notable improvement in safety: Worry-free operation, avoiding exposed rotating elements.
  • Space savings: no cumbersome support structures or protection of rotating components.
  • Reduction of installation time.
  • Reduction of installation costs.
  • Lower maintenance costs.
  • Higher performance.
  • Preserve the transported merchandise: By avoiding lubricated chains, you avoid soiling the transported material with oil – especially important in the food sector, ready-made textiles, electronic components, etc…
  • Noticeably reduce the noise level.

A wide range of applications
Van der Graaf has achieved a prominent position in the national and international market
as in the international market with his drum motor. Drummotor “GV”
Drummotor has been successful in a wide range of applications including the following: automotive, construction x-ray, postal, courier, mining, aggregates, luggage airlines, package flow, tire manufacturing, fish processing, poultry processing and meat processing. fish processing, poultry processing, meat processing, fruit and vegetable farming, agriculture, forestry, bakery, dairy and many more.

Forget traditional systems: visible rotating belt that must be protected, gears that release oil that can stain the merchandise during transport, parts that receive dust from the environment and are doomed to cause problems in a short time. Vibrations that produce annoying noises and are transmitted to other parts and support structures, which ends up loosening the screws and causing breakdowns. Van der Graaf motorized drum motors and rollers are a solution to these problems. The drum design offers advantages such as: it takes up less space, easy cleaning – maintenance, very quiet, lower consumption.

Some of the characteristics of Van der Graaf drum motors are that they take up less space, easy cleaning and you can find them in a wide range of speeds.

Technical information

Product Data sheet
TM 80B20 ∅(mm): 80 Download
Imagen en blanco TM 100B25 ∅(mm): 100 P (kW): 0,05 - 0,37 V (m/s): 0,007-3,6 Download
Imagen en blanco TM 113B25 ∅(mm): 113 P (kW): 0,04 - 0,55 V (m/s): 0,008-4,4 Download
Imagen en blanco TM 127.25 ∅(mm): 127 P (kW): 0,1 - 1,1 V (m/s): 0,008-2,6 Download
Imagen en blanco TM 138.25 ∅(mm): 138 P (kW): 0,1 - 1,1 V (m/s): 0,009-2,8 Download
Imagen en blanco TM 160.25 ∅(mm): 160 P (kW): 0,1 - 0,75 V (m/s): 0,13-3,3 Download
Imagen en blanco TM 160.30 ∅(mm):160 P (kW): 0,10 - 2,2 V (m/s): 0,06-4,0 Download
Imagen en blanco TM 215.30 ∅(mm): 215 P (kW): 0,10 - 2,2 V (m/s): 0,08-5,3 Download
Imagen en blanco TM 215.40 ∅(mm):215 P (kW): 0,37 - 5,5 V (m/s): 0,12-4,7 Download
Imagen en blanco TM 273.40 ∅(mm): 273 P (kW): 0,37 - 5,5 V (m/s): 0,16-5,0 Download
Imagen en blanco TM 315.40 ∅(mm): 315 P (kW): 0,37 - 5,5 V (m/s): 0,18-5,2 Download
Imagen en blanco TM 315.50 ∅(mm): 315 P (kW): 1,1 - 11 V (m/s): 0,16-4,4 Download
Imagen en blanco TM 400.50 ∅(mm): 400 P (kW): 1,1 - 11 V (m/s): 0,20-4,8 Download
Imagen en blanco TM 400.60 400 1,5 - 22 0,20-4,2 Download
Imagen en blanco TM 500.60 500 1,5 - 22 0,25-4,4 Download
Imagen en blanco TM 500A75 500 11-30 0,80-3,2 Download
Imagen en blanco TM 620A75 620 11-30 1-3,9 Download

Part-based reference

Drummotors Van der Graaf: ATEX, Flameproof, Explosion-proof: TM80B20, TM100B25, TM113B25, TM127.25, TM138.25, TM160.25, TM160.30, TM215.30, TM215.40, TM273.40, TM315.40, TM315.50, TM400.50, TM400.60, TM500.60, TM500A75, TM620A75, TM12725, TM13825, TM16025, TM16030, TM21530, TM21540, TM27340, TM31540, TM31550, TM40050, TM40060, drum motor TM50060, rodillo motorizado A75,

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