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Hilliard distributes its products in Spain through FU Ibérica, s.l. ; Authorized Hilliard distributor in Spain. Hilliard Manufacturing – Custom engineered solutions designed and built for over a century. American production.

Founded in 1905, The Hilliard Corporation has evolved from a single-product business to a specialty applications engineering company serving customers around the world.

Hilliard products are designed, manufactured and sold according to our customers’ applications. As a result, we have a wide range of custom designed products that can be modified to meet new applications. With a solid understanding of filtration motors and devices, Hilliard engineers design complete systems, including electromechanical interfaces. Hilliard often works with customers to research and test products, acting as a laboratory for specific applications.

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Hilliard Intermittent Drive Assembly
ruedas-libres-intermitentes Intermittent Drive Assembly  

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